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There are 3 circuits total in this workout. Each circuit has 5 exercises in them. You will do each circuit 3 times through (3 rounds of everything) take a one minute break, and then move onto the next circuit.
I’ve added on a BONUS cool down for you, all of the descriptions are listed below. The workout takes about 30 minutes to perform, but move at your own pace. Breathe & enjoy the burn!

What you’ll need:
Optional weights-two dumbbells

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10 seconds (or more) for each cool down stretch

1.Ab Stretch
Relax your legs and focus on lifting up through your heart as you press into your hands. You should feel your abs stretching.

2. Kneeling Lunge
Start by stepping your right foot forward and rest your hands on your knee. Your back left knee is resting on the ground. Allow your hips to push forward, and sink down towards the ground.
3. Hamstring Stretch
Press your hips back from kneeling lunge, straighten your right leg and draw your right toes back towards your face. Your hips will remain lifted off of your back foot. Press your heart forward as you draw your right hip back.
4. Lizard Pose
Shift your hips forward once again, but this time both hands plant on the inside of your right foot. You can stay lifted on your hands as you allow your hips to sink forward and down, or you can come down onto your forearms.
5. Hip Opener
From Lizard Pose, come back onto your hands if you lowered down. Use you right hand to press into your right knee. Sink your hips down and press your knee out to the right, look back over your right shoulder. The inner arch of your right foot is okay to lift up off of the ground.

XX REPEAT POSES 2-5 AGAIN ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE AFTER DOING EACH ROUND ONCE. This section is a harmonious movement. Finish all four poses, then move to the other side.

6. Table With Flipped Palms
Come to hands and knees. Turn your palms around and lean your hips back. Wrist and forearm stretch

7. Reclined Pigeon
Come onto your back, both feet on the ground. Bring your right knee towards your face, then cross your right ankle over your left knee cap, resting just below it (in the direction towards your hips). Flex both of your feet. Pick the left knee up and wrap your hands around your left leg and draw the knee towards you until you feel a stretch in your outer right hip.
switch sides

8. Janusirsasana A
Lengthen your left leg out long as you bring the sole of your right foot to your inner left thigh. Flex your left foot and reach for your foot. If you cannot grab your left foot, grab the sides of your leg somewhere, and pull your heart forward.
switch sides

9. Butterfly
Bottoms of the feet together, knees fall away from each other towards the ground, fold forward.

10. Marichyasana C
Lengthen your left long and place your right foot next to your left kneecap (keep a few inches between your knee & foot). Flex your left foot, place your right hand behind your hip, grab your right knee with your left hand and twist to the right, looking over your right shoulder.
switch sides

As long as you want. Lay flat on your back with your legs separated and arms down by your sides. Relax, and allow your body to process all of the hardwork you just accomplished!

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