SALE- Moonlit Adventures 2

SALE- Moonlit Adventures 2


ON SALE! She is majestic, spiritual and open. Her energy flows freely and her spirit is wild. Do you allow this part of you to flow into your life? Does your breath guide you along your journey? Do you follow your feelings and stay true to your desires? Moonlit Adventures's Energy will help expand this within you.


Mandalas are sacred circles. They represent harmony, balance, synchronicity, stability, beauty, growth. It is a representation of your path back home, finding your center and allowing your vibration to change the lives of those around you. When you find your inner truth, you show up for the world. You are the example the world is waiting for. The world needs your authenticity. Mandalas are a helpful reminder of what’s most important to you. This geometric symbol represents the Universe; your own unique experience of life. Always remember what you’re here to do.

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12x12" acrylic on canvas