The Truth Will Set You Free

Everything changes when you make the conscious decision to be better within yourself, for yourself. Everything changes when your willingness to show up for yourself increases. Everything changes when you choose to be honest with yourself and what you're experiencing and feeling. Everything changes when you've decided things need to change.


We've heard (so I'm assuming) that our answers are within us. What we are searching for, is within our being. Maybe you have? Maybe not. Either way, I think we can all agree that most of us are in search of something..Often I've heard of this as a means of filling a void within ourselves. Ultimately this void can vary from person to person...but I am starting to believe that it's actually all rooted in a similar place.


As Paul Grilley mentions in his Chakra Theory and MeditationDVD, We all want to exist, to be aware of our existence and for it to be blissful (Satchitananda). I think we can all agree that we want to experience being alive and to enjoy our life. I know I personally do. I want to live my life to the fullest without my fears and insecurities stopping me from being free within myself. These limitations I have that keep me from being happy and who I am, are all because of me.

I have a tendency to repeat the same habits over and over, as I’m sure you do as well (whether you’re aware of this or not). I’ve recognized how important being honest is. We all know this, but how many of us actually practice being truthful always? This doesn’t mean to tell someone something mean because it’s truthful for you. This doesn’t mean you can hurt others because of what you believe is true, when that could very well be different for someone else. Your version of truth may not be what someone else believes to be true. And that’s okay. Being truthful means being honest with yourself and those around you, always coming from a compassionate loving place. A place of kindness and sweetness.


I’ve noticed within myself that when I’m untruthful with myself or to someone else, I add a layer of fog or confusion over my heart, my eyes and my mind. I don’t see as well, I can’t think as clearly, my heart feels less alive.  I add more layers of this illusion to my reality (maya).  I create my own reality, and with lies I create dis-ease and confusion. This is no longer how I choose to live my life. This is no longer how I wish to live. I wish to live freely, fluidly, honestly.

The more lies I tell, whether they be about how I’m feeling or what I’m wanting or not speaking up for myself, then I feel lost within myself. I can’t feel nor hear my guidance, I feel alone. I feel separate. Emotions and feelings of loss and loneliness and separation begin to build within me. They overwhelm me with their presence. Being separate and lonely are an illusion themselves, however feel very real when I’m in a lower vibrational place.

So, I’m recognizing that there is a physical and non-physical part of who we are. And our breath and awareness is what connects the two. My physical self, right now, can communicate with the non-physical part of me, my higher self, which is here, and not… this means of communication is through the mind, through thought process, through emitting vibration from our thoughts. This is why being honest is so important for living a life full of happiness and joy. Because, being honest sends out truthful vibration so the Universe, Source Energy, your Higher Self, Consciousness, God, Spirit, knows what you are wanting and can bring that forth for you. Remember though, even if you’re thinking of things you don’t want or don’t like, you’re still sending out that vibration to the Universe, and in turn you will receive more of what you are thinking.  

I invite you to practice being completely honest for 1 full day and see how you feel, see what happens. Does it feel good speaking up for yourself? Standing up for what you believe in? Does it feel good using your voice for good? Does it feel scary owning up to things you've hidden away from? Is it hard? Is it easy? How do you feel when you tell the truth as opposed to a lie. What is it like being honest about an unpleasant feeling you're having? Observe yourself. Practice paying attention to what's going on inside of you. I invite and encourage you to write about this in a journal, or reach out to me and lets converse :)

So, be honest, be kind, be wise, have fun, use your imagination and create the most wonderful life for yourself. Because you and only you truly knows what you want most and what will make you most happy. So make it happen, now is the time my friend.