January 2018 Goals & Tips On Eating Healthier


Day one begins tomorrow.

January 1st of 2018, you are the start of my new life. 

There are 31 days In January, and I plan to cleanse my body in a way I haven’t before. I am already a healthy eater, I already meditate, and I practice yoga regularly. January will be a month of openness, vulnerability, letting go, and cleansing. I plan to eat plant based every day - no added sugars, no bread or flour (a work in progress), no eggs, no meat, no dairy, and no gluten. I hope to make majority of what I eat from home. Now, this Is my goal, however it is also about tuning into my body. So if there is something I can feel my body wanting, I will need to meditate upon this.

I also plan to partake in a minimalistic challenge. I plan to rid myself of physical things I do not need, only want. The first day I will get rid of 1 thing. The second day I will get rid of 2 things, and so forth. I got this idea from Sukkari Life on youtube :). I already see things around my house I’m ready to let go of, so this will be nice for my mental clarity. 

YOU the reader, will you join me? I have a big round woven basket that I plan to put my items in. I already see things around my house that I don’t want. And I will either donate or sell my items to anyone wanting them (clothes, makeup - considering I don’t wear makeup, nail polish, books, etc). 

I hope to either blog or video each day about what I ate, how I’m feeling, and things that are helping me stay focused and committed to my 31 day challenge. I will most likely write about it at the end of the day, just seems more fitting. Either that or the next morning. 

I wish to learn how to focus and how to develop will power. I highly encourage you all to head over to youtube and listen to Dandapani’s video called “The Energy Alchemist”. It’s wonderful, and has shown me that I truly cannot hold concentration or stay focused without my mind wandering off into the Abis of my psyche.  

By starting what you finish, you develop will power.  He gives the example of your sleep cycle. You brush your teeth, floss and get ready for bed. Then you sleep and wake up. How do you end the cycle? Dandapani says to make the bed and recognize you finished something you started. This constitutes for anything, your meals, food in the fridge, a project, a to do list, laundry, dishes. Anything. Apply the tool of completing cycles and you will develop your will power to stay focused and committed. And when you are doing ANYTHING, do your best to focus in the moment on what you are doing. Your mind will absolutely wander, that’s what it does, just practice bringing the awareness back to the moment, and be excited that you can do that!


So I welcome you all to join me daily in my January cleanse! I’ve been on a journey of clearing my skin and my gut, tagging along side that is clearing my brain fog that has been lingering around for far too long (I feel it is definitely related to what’s going on in my belly).

Paired with my update I was recently asked how to transition to plant based, so I figured I’d answer that question here.

1. Get Educated

This simply means get a feel for what you’re getting yourself into by watching some documentaries. Netflix has a few that you can watch that explains why eating more plants can be beneficial for you. (Forks Over Knives, Food Inc. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead).

2. Listen To Your Body

This one can seem daunting, I know. I recommend picking up a yoga practice if you don’t have one. Yoga helps to bring your awareness to yourself and how you feel. You build strength and gain flexibility. In turn, you create space within the body for energy (your intuition) to travel. This happens by learning how to deepen and control the breath. You will start to tune into your body, connect with how you’re feeling, in turn helping you make better decisions when it comes to food.

3. Pace Yourself

Depending on what your diet is currently like, it might be a good idea for you to take it nice and slow as you transition into eating more plant based foods. Start incorporating one plant based meal per day, or cut out meat for 1-2 days a week. Maybe cut out dairy and switch to coconut or almond products (almond milk, coconut yogurt, cashew milk ice cream).

4. Read Labels

Unless you are buying fresh produce, I highly suggest reading the labels of the food you’re buying. Try to refrain from buying things with added sugars. We want minimal ingredients, fresh and organic as much as possible.

5. It's Okay To Eat Simple

Start simple! For breakfast maybe try a smoothie bowl made out of frozen bananas, cacao powder, ground flax seed and cinnamon. Top it with nuts, berries, hemp seeds, cacao nibs, and chia seeds. Superfood bowl full of antioxidants, protein, and fiber.  Or maybe try oatmeal with gluten free oats, almond milk or water, maple syrup or dates for sweetness, topped with cinnamon, nuts, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, berries, etc. Have a big bowl of kale for lunch with cucumber, peas and romaine all mixed in a cashew caesar dressing that you can make form home (recipe coming soon). Maybe for dinner you have a bowl of roasted sweet potato, steamed cauliflower, wilted greens and some beans.

6. Hydrate

Do your body a solid and drink a lot of water. Help to flush out the toxins that are being released from your cells and bloodstream. I enjoy drinking lemon water in the morning whenever I can. 

7. Don't Toss All of Your Food

Slowly start to incorporate healthier foods into your diet. Finish off the food you have to the best of your ability, while welcoming in healthier foods as you transition. (Unless you’re absolutely 100% ready to get rid of it all and start new. However, this comes with experience in the kitchen and education. So maybe, as you finish what you already have, watch some documentaries on food and decide not to buy the unhealthy foods anymore).

8. Grab A Friend

Having a friend or loved one to do this with can both save money and create space for growth and fun. You can learn new recipes together, eat together, check out healthy markets and watch Netflix together. (I didn't have anyone, so if you're solo-ing it up, right on).

When you start to switch your diet, toxins in your body will begin to show themselves to you. Don’t be alarmed when this happens, you may feel a lowness in your energy, you may experience headaches or nausea. Know that your body needs your love during this time. Try not to cover up how your feeling with substances or even food. Be with how you feel, meditate, listen, observe. It’s all okay, it’s a transition and a journey like anything else!

(PS. if you're wanting to eat healthier, comment below with a 💙 or a message and I'll post recipes I'm creating and eating to help you along your journey!)

I hope this helps a bit. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments!

Love you all!