Taking The Leap

This indeed, is a blessed time to be alive.
March 16th of 2017, I felt something change in me. It was a small shift that is growing and blossoming into something much bigger than I can recognize right now...I can feel it. Follow your inner voice, your inner compass, your angels, your guides, your feelings, your truth....Have you heard this before? That the answers you seek lie within. That the path you wish to take is indeed the path meant for you to take. 

It's been a full year now of me diving deep into my emotions, and I feel as though I'm beginning to soar towards the sky, just like a playful dolphin swimming in and out of the water. The winds of change bring a sense of comfort over me unlike anything I've felt before. It's subtle, nothing too strong, but very ... powerful. I forget how powerful writing is. How beautiful of an outlet it is to write and to express. 

In my previous post I wrote about bottling up emotions and how detrimental it is to our health to do so. Most of us aren't aware of what our emotions are, we aren't aware that they are here to guide us towards our truth. 

This is a very special day for me...want to know why?
Today is the day (technically yesterday) I am choosing to drop everything that does not serve me anymore, and step into the realm of change. Everything is always changing, and I haven't been fluid with the current of life. But...things feel different now. I feel more ready, more stable, more confident in my connection to my inner most self, to the point where I'm choosing to take a completely different route in life. I will no longer do what I assume others want me to do, and instead will fully commit to listening to me, and want to be doing with my time.  If I believe life to be this wonderful opportunity for growth, where you are always guided and supported, where things work out in your favor when your connected within yourself, where the power of your thoughts create your reality, then it's time for me to really commit to this being my life. It's time for me to really step up, and be everything I know that I am. And that you are.

With little money in the bank, no current "job" as of today, I chose to let go of things that don't feel good, and pursue my dreams. I am an artist, a blogger, an entrepreneur and I believe in myself enough to know that everything will work out for me. Everything is okay, and everything will be okay. My guides and angels have been communicating with me for so long, and I'm finally listening. Yes, this is right. 

There's something daringly brave and frightening about dropping everything to follow your heart. Really, when I say dropping things, I'm speaking about a job I just left, and also dropping old thought patterns and behaviors. Ways of being that don't serve me, and that I don't resonate with.  I invite you all to follow me on this journey, to check in with me, to read about what I'm experiencing. To hear from someone else, how it all happened. What's going to happen now? My heart is telling me to paint, write, blog, create, express. Practice yoga daily, meditate daily, and get to work.

There are so many paintings wanting to be made, so many recipes wanting to be created, so many guides wanting to be worked on. How do you let go and listen? How do you follow your inner guide? How do you know which direction to go? What will happen if you just listen and do everything you know you should be doing? Well....you're going to find out with me. I'm bringing you on my journey. Sharing with you my truth of it all. Sharing my satya, sharing what I go through, because it may help someone else. And that's all I hope to be, is an example to listen to your own heart, and do what you know you need to do.

There is no more time to spend being anything other than your most magnificent self, in your truth, in your confidence, fully aware of who you are and what you're here to do. 

You've got this, and so do I.