3 Ways To Help Get You Out Of Your Rut

Hey guys! 
So I know I'm not the only one who has those hours, days, even weeks of feeling like you're in a rut. For me, it feels like there's a fog around me, a heaviness that's keeping me from feeling inspired and motivated.

Sound familiar?
I've come up with 3 helpful ways to help kick start your energy so you can become more open for inspiration! Here's what's helped me:


When you're in a rut, having a hard time making decisions, and don't have the energy to do much,  I highly recommend you CLEAN. Clean up your room, your purse, your fridge, your closet, your house, your car, your work space, anything and everything that can, do it. This will help clear some mental space for you to think more clearly. When our environment is clean and tidy, we internally feel better. Not to mention, this ties PERFECTLY into tip number 2!


Going off of number 1, you are already developing major will power! By starting the task of cleaning and finishing it, you not only feel better within yourself, but you have room to breathe. When you finish a task, your "will-power-muscle" is strengthened, and you build endurance for getting things done. Checking things off of our list of things to do helps elevate stress and can prove how productive we really are! When we complete a task, it's a perfect way of finishing things up and letting them go. This now ties perfectly into tip number 3!


We often feel boggled down by thoughts, emotions, and momentum that's directed in a way we'd like changed. Prove to yourself you can let things go by getting rid of something in your house you don't need. Old clothes, old makeup, old journals, something you use once a year, anything. When you can prove to yourself you don't need to hold onto things that aren't serving you, you develop the ability to do this mentally. You can learn to let go of thought patterns and old habits. By creating more space within our psyche (and body) we cultivate more room for more free flowing energy. This opens us up to new and fresh ideas that will come naturally without force.

And just to be even more helpful, go check out a new activity based class! A new yoga class or maybe your favorite one taught by someone different. A new pilates or barre class, maybe kick boxing or jogging. Get your heart rate pumping and try something new. This will freshen things up for you.


Hope this was helpful dears!
I love you all.