Get Ready To Be Ready

Have you ever thought about helping yourself to get use to change but implementing it yourself first? Before life WHIPS you up in its tornado of change?

Well friends, I’ve been living by a new Moto and it’s been getting me out of my comfort zone.
That Moto, or mantra, is:


When I say scary, I mean intimidating, out of your norm, unfamiliar, or something you hold yourself back from for whatever reason. The things you’re used to doing are so familiar and comfortable and predictable (to an extent). It’s not often we CHOOSE new things. Some of us are better at it than others. BUT, how often do you do the “scary” things that provoke emotion?

Here are a few examples of my personal experience with facing my struggles (which prepares me for change):

  1. I fear letting out my voice, especially when singing. Recently Mike and I practiced Ashtanga Yoga. This is a yoga that begins class with an OM, a chant, and another OM. I fear letting out my voice, singing and being heard. I almost shied away from the opportunity to let it out because I was nervous, but I remembered my DSSESD and LET IT OUT. I sang, I OM’ed and chanted! And it was so worth it, and not even as intimidating as I thought it would be.

  2. I fear GETTING UPSIDE DOWN - especially doing ACRO with another person!
    So, I’ve slowly been implementing some Acro Yoga into our experience. It’s definitely scary, and I truly do feel fear, but when I TRY I end up laughing hysterically and having so much fun.

  3. Creating content like VIDEOS. Oh boy thats a whole other step into the world of vulnerability. Seriously though, I am truly welcoming you into my personal life and that can be a bit intimidating. BUT I’m doing it anyway, and even though there are bumps along the road and it feels awkward sometimes and weird, I enjoy it and want to get better at it. Everyone stumbles in the beginning of trying something new, but it becomes fun once you start to learn!

  4. SEX. Yes, sex. Sexuality in general has always intimidated me. I’ve felt very disconnected from my feminine side, and fear moving my hips. So..that’s another goal. Is to get over the fearful energy I cary inside my body, and try to loosen up.

I’ve come to realize that the things I’m fearful of, are actually what are the MOST fun for me! So the more I can start to push myself towards those intimidating things, the more I will grow, and the more fun I will have! Did you know that if you hold back from changing and growing, the blockage will manifest as something unwanted and unpleasant? For me, that’s acne and digestive issues. Strange, right?

So make a list of the things that freak you out, or maybe a list of the things you wish you could do but are too fearful to do them. If you’re feeling brave enough, let me know in the comments below what they are! I’d love to talk to you about it!

Then, start to tackle one at a time. Maybe spend a week, a month or however long focusing on ONE of those things. Try moving towards it as much as you can, and see what comes from it! What have you got to loose? I say, ditch the fear and look UP towards your goals.

Get Ready To Be Ready.
When you do this, your dreams are closer and closer to making their way into your life. So get ready! Lets say your like me, and you’re starting a YOUTUBE channel and are visualizing it growing REALLY big. How can you get ready for that crazy shift? Well, you can learn how to create videos. Learn how to make thumbnails. Learn about youtubes policies. Read how to monetize and make money. Learn how to watermark your videos. Prepare your about me section. Create a brand/logo. BE PREPARED FOR THE CHANGE!!

You can do it! I know you can.
If I can, YOU CAN.

much love,
xo sarah