My Relationship With Acne & How I'm Healing It

Hey guys. 

So if you’ve been following me for a while then you will know that I use to suffer from hormonal, cystic acne. It covered various parts of my face, but was dominant along my chin line, cheeks, and chin. It was excruciating... the most physical pain I’d ever been in. The root cause of my acne was holding in my truth about disliking the relationship I was in. My life at that time wasn’t what I wanted it to be, and I was too scared to change it. 

Rewind 10 or so years when my struggle with acne first began. I was in middle school, unaware of my own self, of what life was, of what feelings were, of really anything. I was so insecure and unsure of everything, and I didn’t want to seem like the only person that didn’t know what was going on. For years to come, I fell into a spiral of negative self talk and insecurities. I not only had horrible acne, but I also had a horrific sweating problem…it would travel all the way down my shirt sleeves and was SO embarrassing. That lingered for about 5 or 6 years? And then it went away once I cleaned up my diet and started working out (for anyone with a poor diet and lack of exercise routine that may have this issue, this might help you!). 

Acne runs in my family. My brothers had it as well as my dad when he was younger. My twin brother Miller had it the worst though. His was all over his back, chest, and face. 

I went to the dermatologist a few times but nothing they gave me seemed to work. When I was around 22 I began working out, eating clean, and changed my life around. I started to see physical results after trying @kaylaitsines Bikini Body Guide. I followed it to a tee, lost about 13 pounds and found a new love for health and wellness. My skin didn’t clear up completely at this point, but it was the best it had ever been. At that age I was in my 3 year relationship, and used working out as an avenue for me to let out stress and to distract myself from feeling. There came a point where I couldn’t run from my feelings anymore and I realized how unhappy I was. Before telling him, I would eat so much sugary foods to hide the emotions that wanted to come up, which made my skin wayyyyy worse. I ate cookies, candy, chips, anything processed and numbing. It wasn’t easy for me to bring this up to my partner, and I ended up keeping it bottled up inside for 3 months, until I couldn’t stand the pain of my face anymore..

I left that relationship and moved back in with my parents, and noticed my skin was better, but not good. I stopped eating poorly, and was excited for this new chapter. Fast forward 2 years to the present moment. I am now 25, still struggling with the occasional breakouts, but can say that I’ve gotten myself to a really great place. My skin is overall really healthy. My only “issue” is the scarring I still have on my cheeks from the painful cystic outbreak. 

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I’ve noticed that for me personally, to have clear skin I must be practicing a holistic LIFEstyle. I need to eat clean, move my body, breathe throughout the day, practice yoga, create, express, be happy, drink enough water, and sleep well. It’s a whole lifestyle, the balance if you will.

There are a few changes in my diet that I believe to be a HUGE factor in the health and vibrancy of my skin, and here they are:

GREENS: spinach, spring mix, kale, romaine
HEALTHY FATS: avocado, coconut oil, ground flax seeds, flax seed oil, chia seeds, hemp seeds, nuts, olive oil

As much as all of these foods are healthy, I really believe its the sugar that’s the biggest factor in my diet. I rarely eat sugar anymore. My sugar comes from food itself, like dates or fruit. Lately, I’ve been consuming maple syrup everyday and I have a few bumps on my face. I wasn’t eating it everyday, and once I started I believe I started to have a few breakouts. But truly, cutting out the sugar has decreased my acne and inflammation. I also don’t usually eat bread of flour, it’s occasional. I recently heard in a yoga class that sugar, flour and salt cause inflammation in the body...ever heard that? I’ll have to look more into it. 

Anyway. If you’re suffering from acne, try reducing or excluding sugar from your diet. Drink more water, sleep more, exercise and build heat to sweat out toxins, do what makes you happy, and don’t let your skin dictate your life. I know it’s hard, but with practice you’ll be able to shift your focus away from your skin and onto more important things, YOUR LIFE.


I use to wake up in the morning, feel my face, and decide if it was going to be a good or bad day based on the condition of my skin. How horrifying! I gave my acne all of my power and let myself suffer in the dark. You’re not alone my friends, I’ve been through it too.


I’m soon going to post a blog about my favorite skin products that I use to clean my face, and to moisturize and clear my scars/acne. If you’re interested in DIY face masks that help with acne too let me know in the comments below. 


Loving you all,