My Skin Care Routine

Hey guys,

this post has been a long time coming. As you know from my previous post, I've struggled with acne for over 10 years of my life. The journey with my acne has been like a roller week I'm feeling good and happy about the health of my skin and my own well being, and then next I'm broken out, insecure and resisting the downward spiral.

I've found a few products over the past few months that I've been loving so much. I'd love to share with you all what I personally use, in hopes for you to gain some inspiration to try any of them, or be inspired to look into clean products for yourself. You and your skin deserves it.




1. Melaluca - Also known as tea tree oil. When I begin to break out, I apply tea tree oil on my face before bed. It helps to heal acne and kills bacteria. I truly believe this helps with my breakouts. I like to put in on my face before bed when my skin is clean, and it has 7-8 hours to truly work it's magic. I use the brand DoTERRA essential oils. If you want to buy your own DoTERRA Meleluca (which I personally love) you can use my code :2301451  to create your own account. Geranium & Lavender are also really good for your skin.
Random side note: place a drop of melaluca in your underwear if you have any sort of infection going on. It is relieving, and is antifungal.





2. Stone Crop Gel Wash (Eminence Organic Skincare) - It is a gentle gel wash for all skin types. I clean my face with it whenever I shower (at least once a day). It smells AMAZING!! Seriously you guys, I feel so good applying something gentle on my face that smells good. It is so light and refreshing, and I feel vitalized afterwards. Really, it's such a treat to use. I bought mine on Amazon, after having tried a sample at Jessica's Skin & Body Apothecary in Ann Arbor. (I would have grabbed it their if I lived closer. I'm not out that way much).








3. Skin Facial Moisturizer - I've struggled finding a moisturizer I enjoy. I think this one smells nice, and I use it 1 - 2 times per day. It feels light on my skin and helps to soften my skin. It is parabeen free and was super cheap at my local health store. About $13 I believe. 












4. Simplers Biotanicals Scar Oil- I've just finished my bottle and have been using it everyday for maybe 2 months? While it didn't remove my scars, it has reduced their appearance. It has the essential oil Helichrysum, which is great for scar reduction. I enjoyed this product for the time I used it, but will be searching for another product to help with my scars.

Let me know If you have any suggestions in the comments below!




On top of these 4 products that I've been using, it really comes down to a balanced lifestyle. In my personal opinion and experience, it's so beneficial to incorporate the following lifestyle tips:

1. Sleep enough/well
2. Eat clean foods that your body thrives off of
3. Eat a VARIETY of foods
4. Drink a lot of water, stay hydrated
5. Stay away from processed foods/pop/candy/chips/fast food/fried food/alcohol
6.  Feel your emotions
7. Workout, stay active, practice yoga
8. Meditate, breathe deeply
9. Reduce stress - walk, read, write, cook, anything that helps you calm down
10. Let it out, talk to a friend, don't hold anything in.

There are many more ways to create a balanced holistic life. I hope some of the tips I've shared in this blog can help you in some sort of way. 
Let me know if you choose to try any of the products out and what you think of them!

Talk soon!