How to Clear Brain Fog, Indecisiveness & Confusion

Hey everyone!
What an amazing topic this is. For me personally, I've experienced a ton of brain fog, indecisiveness & confusion in my life. They come in waves, and through my experience with these not-so-wanted energies, I've learned a few tricks that help combat the struggle.

1. Drink More Water

Water is an electrical current. It helps to keep your body open for connections and communication between all parts of you. The more hydrated you are, the more connected you will be, the more grounded and clear minded you will feel.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is crucial for proper brain function. If you aren't getting enough sleep and are overloading your body with caffeine to try and make up for it, it's going to be difficult for your brain to function at its highest capacity. Go to bed earlier, get enough sleep, stay off electronics an hour before bed, breathe deeply to help calm your mind, and try to rest. When you wake up, try not to jump right back into yesterday. Check out my blog post 5 Ways to Boost Your Morning Routine to help you reprogram your morning routine for a more efficient, clear minded way. 

3. Practice Yoga

Yoga is AMAZING for getting you out of your head and into your body. Yoga helps you connect your breath with your body, ultimately focusing your mind on the moment at hand. When your mind is jumbled all over the place, we can feel confused, indecisive, and stressed out. Try taking a yoga class at a nearby studio (ask them what class they recommend depending on if you're new or not). Yin will help to destress your body and rid yourself of excess lingering anxious energy. This will leave you feeling clear and refreshed, ready to take on what's next.

5. Read 'The Brain Fog Fix' by Dr. Mike Dow

I've listened to this audio book before, and I am currently listening to it again. It's easy to listen to while driving or while on a walk, even when cleaning the house. I recommend listening to or reading this book for insightful advice on how to clear your brain fog. Dr. Mike Dow shares information on nutritional advice, mindfulness techniques, and more. He even has a 3 week program to partake in to clear that brain fog of yours.

6. Roll on Your Tummy

Have you heard of a foam roller? It's amazing for your body. In the morning on an empty stomach, try rolling on your stomach. You'll lay your belly over top of the roller and start to let your weight become heavy. The foam roller will be between your ribs and your pelvic bone, basically in the squishy part of your belly. This can sometimes startle you with how intense the sensation can be, just try to breathe really deeply and relax. Maybe start with 2-5 minutes, and work your way up. Ultimately your solar plexus (a chakra in you abdominal area - also known as one of your energetic centers) will begin to relieve itself of stagnant energy. Often when we aren't confident and don't take action towards what we want, this area can start to close off, and cause lots of digestive issues, along with brain fog  & indecisiveness. 

7. Breathe Deeper

Take deeper breaths in and out of your nose. Once you have a rhythm going, start to pull your belly in towards your spine when you exhale and push ALL the air out of your stomach. Repeat this as many times as you'd like. This will help to clear out anything unprocessed in your stomach area, leaving your mind more refreshed (considering our gut is like our second brain). You can also try holding your breath at the bottom of your exhale, and suctioning your belly in and up towards your heart. Hold for a few breaths, take a deep breath in, and repeat.


I hope these are some new tips for you to try my friends, 
good luck!


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