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Bringing It To The Surface

I recently had someone tell me they had read all of my blogs and enjoyed them.
This made me realize I hadn't written in over two months, not to mention I had personally forgotten the content of which I had written about. So it was interesting to read about where I was at during those months. Especially after my last blog post being about you all following me upon the journey I was about to embark on, but I was in a place of believing barely anyone was reading them, and I had lost interest within myself to continue.

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Taking The Leap

March 16th of 2017, I felt something change in me. It was a small shift that is growing and blossoming into something much bigger than I can recognize right now...I can feel it. Follow your inner voice, your inner compass, your angels, your guides, your feelings, your truth....Have you heard this before? That the answers you seek lie within. That the path you wish to take is indeed the path meant for you to take. 

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Speaking My Truth

What does it mean when we're judging people? How is that a reflection of something internal. What does it mean when we feel anger towards someone? How is that a projection of something going on within myself. What does it mean when I feel insecure around someone? How do I continue to allow others to dim my own light. Why do I have a hard time committing to something? What is it that's keeping me from moving? Why do I eat food when I start to not feel good? Sugary chocolaty foods that never make me feel good in the end. What am I running from?

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