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Flickers At The Zoo

I had a few things come to my awareness today that I felt pretty good about. One of them being, that I have some sort of fear of looking into peoples eyes. Looking at their faces and their expression. This brought me to another thought....the thought that I'm fearful of seeing peoples reactions to me and what I say or do. Then I realized I am also fearful of my own reactions to things. This has me feeling uncomfortable.

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Bringing It To The Surface

I recently had someone tell me they had read all of my blogs and enjoyed them.
This made me realize I hadn't written in over two months, not to mention I had personally forgotten the content of which I had written about. So it was interesting to read about where I was at during those months. Especially after my last blog post being about you all following me upon the journey I was about to embark on, but I was in a place of believing barely anyone was reading them, and I had lost interest within myself to continue.

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