yoga, Meditation & Breath Work


A free 20 minute consultation will be provided before we work together so we both can learn more about one another. Before committing to work with one another, I want to be sure I can offer a service I believe will benefit you. In this free consultation, we will discuss your goals, past injuries, and any information you’d like to share as to why you’d like to begin yoga, meditation, or breath work.

I offer a variety of class styles, ranging from Slow Moving Vinyasa, to Restorative Yoga. There will always be constant cueing, you will never be left alone to do something with out me (unless you’d like too). My classes are not fast past, so if you enjoy fast classes, I am not the teacher for you. I move super slowly and intentionally, as to digest and absorb every single sensation you experience through your practice, so you embody the whole journey as fully as possible.

Vinyasa (Slow) - Restorative - Yin - Blend - Meditation - Breath Work

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60 Minutes - $75
90 Minutes - $90 (best option)
60-90 Minutes - $140 (split between the members)

What to expect from my classes:

Yang Classes
(Movement - Engagement - Strength - Flexibility)

I specialize in Vinyasa, meaning I link each pose and transition with one elongated breath. This takes a lot of focus, control and inner spaciousness (which we will develop as we practice together). In this class you can expect challenge, growth, heat, sweat, strength and flexibility. We will push your body to work, grow, and expand, which in turn will open your mind for more silence, spaciousness and intuition. You will develop a strong inner foundation, which will protect your bones and skeletal alignment in the long run. This class will push you in a way that will help you develop the tools to work through your own inner struggles.

Yin Classes
(Passive - Calm - Focused - Cooling - Flexibility - Relaxation)

In Yin style classes, we will blend together Yin, Restorative, Mediation and Breath Work. If you are unfamiliar with what these styles mean, scroll to the bottom and hit the contact me tab, and send me a message with your questions. This style will enable you to turn of your hyper-stimulated mind by slowing down the body and the breath. This will switch your nervous system from fight or flight, to rest and digest. Please know that this is a necessary class for everyone. Life is stressful, and if we do not help the body relax, future disease may occur. This style class is nurturing, healing and medicinal.

Interested in taking a free yoga class with me?
Head to my YouTube channel and choose from a variety of classes.