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MARCH 11-17

Welcome to my FIRST online yoga challenge! This challenge is designed to help hold you accountable for breathing deeply, releasing tension, and grounding your mind to the present moment. It can be super difficult these days to take time for ourselves when there’s a million other things on our lists. I don’t know about you, but my mental state can get out of hand, super distracting and frantic some days. It can be challenging to stay focused, relaxed, and present with everyone around you when your mind is pulling your attention.
That’s a big part of why I’m offering this challenge! To offer you the opportunity to get on your mats and out of your heads for 7 days in a row, at home.

You can expect the following:

+ A feeling of grounding
+ Less physical and mental stress
+ A deeper mind and body connection
+ An enhanced personal practice (simply by practicing!)
+ Strength
+ Flexibility
+ A better understanding of how to breathe deeply to relax
+ Assistance with mediating

Here are the rules!

Anyone can partake in the challenge! The classes are different everyday for different effects.
If you want to be entered in to win a PRIZE at the end of the contest, follow the following guidelines:

  1. Must Subscribe to my YouTube channel - Life With Sarah Lynne

  2. Post a photo once per day showing you did the class, and share it on social media (Facebook, instragram) if you don’t have either, you can e-mail me a photo at

  3. Tag ME and one friend in your photo so we can support you! And do this together!

  4. And obviously, practice each class!

    Watch this video to see the prizes, and hear about the rules:


One of the two paintings, and a pair of yoga blocks!

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March 11th-17th (Monday - Sunday)

Every morning at 6:00am your video will
be released on my YouTube Channel!

You can practice it at ANY point of the day.
The videos are only 10-20 minutes long.
Just enough to get you HERE & NOW.


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Future challenges to come my friends
with longer class times and different skill levels.